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“Let Your Light Shine!” - Matthew 5:16

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Equality Information and Objectives Statement

January 2018 – 22

Our school makes all members of our community feel welcome and valued. Our vision and values promote inclusion and equality and tackle discrimination. We have high expectations for all our pupils irrespective of their age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation. Our equalities statement is guided by some core principles:

Learners are all unique children who together are one;

  • We recognise and respect difference;
  • We show understanding, compassion and care to all
  • We foster positive attitudes and relationships and a shared sense of community and belonging;
  • We observe good practice in recruitment, retention and staff development;
  • We aim to reduce and challenge barriers to equality that already exist.

As a Church of England School, the Christian Values are integral to the ethos of our school.

In line with the PSED (Public Sector Equality Duty) of the Equality Act 2010 we publish the following data.

Key Data

Number of pupils:240:
55% male (132) 45% female (108)
Number of staff:34:
3% male
97% female
Number of governors:10:
30% male
70% female
Religion:Voluntary Controlled C of E Primary School
Attainment on entry:Average in all areas of development
Pupil Mobility:0.41% of the current NOR joined the school during this academic year (excluding Reception)

1.25% (3) of the current NOR left the school during this academic year (excluding Year 6)
Free School Meals:14.2%
Eligible for Pupil Premium:25%
Ethnicity:90.4% (217) White British
2.5% (6) Other White
2.5% (6) White & Black Caribbean
2.5% (6) Other Mixed background
0.83% (2) White and Asian
1.25% (3) Asian/Asian
English as an additional language:3.33% (8)
Special Educational Needs:0.42% (1) EHC/Statement
17.2% (41) SEN Support
Average attendance rate:96%
Awards , accreditations, recognitions:Stonewall champion

Policy & Practice

ObjectiveTimescaleBy whom?ResourcesImpact
Share equality policy with staff and ensure that all staff have read it. January 2018SLTCopy of policy to be emailed to all staff. Paper copy available in staff room. School identifies priorities and actions to be taken for inclusion in the scheme across the whole area of school activity.
Have policy and action plan ratified by governors. By end of January 2018SLTCopy of policy to be emailed to all staff. Paper copy available in staff room. All stakeholders are fully informed.
Staff to sign record sheet to acknowledge reading it. By end of January 2018All staffRecord sheet in school office.All stakeholders are fully informed.
Publish the equality statement and action plan on school website. By end of February 2018TPAll stakeholders are fully informed.

Equal opportunities for staff

ObjectiveTimescaleBy whom?ResourcesImpact
All staff receive a copy of relevant equality documents
as part of induction to
Gomersal St. Mary’s Primary School.
As new staff are recruitedOffice managerHard copies of policy and action plan available upon request in office. School staff are able to identify the specific actions and behaviours needed to
promote equality in the context of their job /role and the impact of this assessed as part of the overall review of
policies, practices and procedures in the school.
Staff feel supported regardless of their gender/ethnicity/religion/SEND or HBT status.

Pupils: Race/HBT/Religion

ObjectiveTimescaleBy whom?ResourcesImpact
Monitor and analyse racist/HBT discriminatory incidents occurring within school using CPOMs. Reviews of incidents to be conducted termly. SLT to review racist/HBT incidents CPOMS reportsSLT can act on trends in order to reduce number of racist incidents
Monitor and analyse pupil
attainment & progress by
TermlyAJAssessment data submitted half termlyAll groups of children make good progress.
The curriculum provides opportunities to promote diversity/British Values.Diversity is celebrated across the curriculum for all pupils

Pupils: SEN/Disability

ObjectiveTimescaleBy whom?ResourcesImpact
Analysis of pupil attainmentHalf-termlyAJPupil tracking data submitted half termlyAll groups of children make good progress.
To ensure the needs of all
SENDs children are met when
planning learning opportunities, across the whole curriculum.
OngoingKH to consult with staff as neededAll children are able to participate as fully as possible in learning opportunities.

Pupils: Gender

ObjectiveTimescaleBy whom?ResourcesImpact
Monitor and analyse pupil
attainment & progress by gender
Half-termlyAJPupil tracking data submitted half termlyAll children make good progress
Monitor and analyse pupil’s
take up of after school activities by gender
Half-termlySLTAfter-school club listsEnsure that all pupils are motivated to participate in after school activities.
Monitor and analyse pupils’ behaviour by gender. TermlySLTCPOMs behaviour logsConsistently good behaviour throughout the school.

Pupils: Community cohesion

ObjectiveTimescaleBy whom?ResourcesImpact
Regular consultation with school council/ pupil committees to ensure pupil voice is heardAt least half-termlyCS and committee headsRoom to meet
Meeting minutes
Pupil voice is strong and children feel their importance of their role in the school community and community at large
Visit a variety of religious
establishments/ place of worship / have visitors in school
Seek to build more opportunities in new academic year 2017-18Class teachers to contact interfaith/ faith centre leaders (HW to lead)Pupils have a greater awareness of the diversity of cultures and faiths in the community in which they live and in the world community.