2016 Advent Calendar: Day 142 minute read

Luke 2:12

“‘This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.’”

Day 14: Christmas Around The World – Denmark

  • Some people in Denmark give and receive extra Advent presents on the four Sundays of Advent.
  • Different types of Advent candles and calendars are popular in Denmark. A Kalenderlys (calendar-candle) is an Advent candle and most people have one of these types of candles. A Pakkekalender (gift calendar) are also a fun way to countdown to Christmas Eve. There are 24 small gifts for the children in the calendar, one for each day until Christmas Eve.
  • Julekalender (Christmas calendar) is a television series with 24 episodes. One episode is shown each day in December with the last one being aired on Christmas Eve. The first Julekalender was shown on TV in Denmark in 1962. The two main Danish TV channels DR and TV2 both show different versions of Julekalender each year. The theme of the stories in the Julekalender normally follow a similar storyline, with someone trying to ruin Christmas and the main characters saving Christmas!
  • As well as the TV series, both DR and TV2 produce paper advent calendars to go along with the stories. DR is the oldest TV channel in Denmark and its paper calendar is called Børnenes U-landskalender (Children’s U-Country Calendar). It’s been making the calendars for over 50 years and profits from the sale of the calendar go to help poor children in a developing country. The calendar made by TV2 is called julekalender and profits from that calendar go to help Julemærkefonden, a children’s charity in Denmark.

Weird Dates 1

Take a look at this calendar.Choose any date that falls on a Sunday and add it to any date that falls on a Tuesday… like this:

Sunday date = 4
Tuesday date = 13
4 + 13 = 17

The total falls on a Saturday!

Now, add together some other Sunday and Tuesday dates, do you always get a Saturday date?

Investigate what happens if you add other dates together. You may need to extend the chart for larger totals.

Complete this chart. What patterns do you notice?


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