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“Let Your Light Shine!” - Matthew 5:16

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Democracy in action


Over the past half term, we have been learning all about democracy and what this means. We understand that it is important that everyone gets a vote and that everyone’s ideas are important. We have learned about our place in school and where we belong and used a blank map to explore school and the different places that are near our classroom. We have spoken about the good parts of our classroom and those we think need some improvements and we have all created a plan to make our classroom a better place to learn. We are implementing democracy into our daily school lives by using a voting station where we vote for which book will be read at home time. 

Year 5

Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at what democracy is and how it impacts our lives. We looked at Kirklees and we learnt about the different wards and who has the responsibility for each ward and who can help us. We learnt that one of our Local councillors was Mr Hall. As a class, we discussed things that we felt were strong about our area and things that we felt were wrong. We then wrote to Mr Hall and organised a zoom meeting with him to discuss these issues further. During the meeting, it was decided that Mr Hall was going to discuss our concerns with the other local councillors and he was going to get back to us with a plan of action. We are hoping to organise a great community clean up with his help.