2017-18 Pupil Premium Statement

Pupil Premium Allocation (based on 55 (25%) pupils)

52 x £1320 = £68640

3 x £1900 = £5700

Total: £74340

ObjectiveActionCostDesired outcome
Individual Assertive Mentoring Meetings

Links to B and D on PP Strategy Statement
8 days of teacher release time 3 times per year (24 days)

Cover supervisor wage (scale point 17).

Children have a 1:1 meeting with the class teacher to discuss their progress both pastorally and academically.
£2200Children are listened to and share responsibility for their learning and welfare. This will engage children in their education, developing independent skills and accountability.
Support through the Learning Mentor (LM)

Links to A and D on PP Strategy Statement
3 days equivalent (21 hours per week) allocation to Pupil Premium children.

Learning Mentor supports children who have barriers to learning specifically linked to pastoral/home issues.

Support in Breakfast Club to monitor PP children, especially where there are home issues.

Support with lunchtime organisation, supervising a play buddy system and ensuring equipment is available.
£14000LM engages families and children to break down barriers to learning, developing positive relationships with families and therefore improving progress, academically and pastorally.

LM also attends breakfast club to support key individuals, noting any concerns before school starts. Lunchtime support will reduce the amount of lunchtime incidents which involve a number of PP children.
Support to attend Breakfast club

Breakfast club staff

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Funding for 10 children to attend BC at £10.00 per week.

(PP are subsidised by £2 per day)

2 thirds of breakfast club salaries

Currently one third of Breakfast Club children are PP. School subsidises the cost of their attendance.
£3900Breakfast club provides children with a positive start to the day with a proper breakfast ensuring children are prepared for a day of learning.
Support to attend After School Clubs

Links to D on PP Strategy Statement
Funding for 10 children to attend After School Clubs.
(10 x £2.00) x 39
£800The school provides a variety of after school clubs encouraging children to try new activities, challenge themselves and develop team work and social skills. Through covering the costs pupil premium children are not excluded from these experiences.
Fresh Start intervention

Links to C on PP Strategy Statement
3 hours per week (1 ETA x 3 hours)

This intervention provides additional support for children in Yr 5 who require support with their phonics knowledge.
£550A greater understanding of phonics promotes reading skills and the ability to access the whole curriculum at a more age appropriate level.
Additional ETA support (scale 17) in classes (year 4 and 6) with high levels of Pupil Premium Children

Additional PP Nursery Nurse support for pupils in KS1

Links to B and C on PP Strategy Statement
10 hours a week equivalent of cover supervisor support working alongside the class teacher.£5100The additional support of a more experienced ETA increases the rate of progress.
3 hours a week equivalent of Nursery Nurse support working alongside the teacher.£1600
Cover Supervisors are used to cover key PP classes where behaviour for learning can be poor.£13 x 6 hours per day = £78 per day

£78 x 20 days = £1560
£1600This supports children in maintaining continuity in the classrooms where behaviour for learning can be challenging. Therefore progress can also be maintained.
Outdoor learning

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3 hours class teacher support for outdoor learning (£106 x 39).

Sessions led by a qualified teacher who provides social skill/nurture group support through outdoor learning. Pupil Premium children involved in these sessions.
£4200Children’s learning / progress is benefited from improved social skill development including sharing and team work.
RWI booster

Links to C on PP Strategy Statement
2 PP children (years 1 and 2) x 30 minutes x 4 days

2 x £6.50 x 4 x 39

Additional support for PP children in Years 1 and 2 who require intervention with their knowledge of phonics.
£2100This intervention will boost basic reading and writing skills which will in turn impact on accessing the rest of the curriculum.
Reception Pupil Premium support for RWI to enable smaller groups

Links to B on PP Strategy Statement
ETA 4 days per week x 1 hour to support RWI teaching.

£13 x 3 x 39
£1600Additional early support should act as a catalyst for progress through school. This aims to close the gap between PP children and their peers.
Additional TA’s for RWI mean smaller groups in key stage 1 enabling PP children for access more focussed learning.ETA 4 days per week x 1 hour to support RWI teaching.

£13 x 3 x 39
£1600Smaller groups enable children to have a programme that meets their specific needs more. This aims to close the gap between PP children and their peers.
Dyslexia support

Links to C on PP Strategy Statement
2 children 4 times per week x 20 minutes

2 x 4 x £6.50 x 39

Cost of software - £120

Targeted support to promote reading and spelling skills.
£2200Improved skills in reading and spelling bring attainment closer to end of year expectations.
Year 6 PP support booster sessions

Links to C on PP Strategy Statement
6 children x 1 session per week x 30 minutes

6 x £15 x 25 weeks
£2300These booster sessions are delivered by teachers with a focus on closing the gap between PP and non PP children in year 6.
Mathematics pre-teaching support

Links to C on PP Strategy Statement
3 sessions per week x 1 hour x 7 children

3 x £35 x 39

Focused teaching by the DH in Years 3, 5 and 6 to assist PP children in participating in lessons pitched at the appropriate year’s expectations.
£1400These sessions aim to close the gap between SEND/PP children and their peers.
KS2 RWI support for PP/SEND children who require phonics booster sessions5 sessions per week x 1 hour

5 x £9.80 x 39
£2000This additional support will help KS2 children in closing the gap between their reading age and their chronological age, as well as develop writing skills.
Year 6 teacher released to work with English lead to support closing the gaps in year 6 writing.1 hour per week - £13 x 1 x 39

£500Support in planning will aim to close the gaps between PP children and their peers.
English lead time£1300
MathsHub intervention aimed at supporting Years 3 and 4 to access Maths Mastery fluency2 ETAs x 3 hours per week

(£9.80 x 2) x 3 x 39
2300PP children are supported in developing fluency skills and as a result are more able to access the Maths lessons with the rest of their year group. This aims to close the gap between PP children and their peers.
PP Bug Club lunchtime club1 x cover supervisor x 5 days

(£13 x 5 x 39)

£2600The club enables PP children to access the Bug Club software and improve their reading skills. This will help close the gap between PP children and their peers.
Cost of Bug Club- £1416.00£1500
Purchase of Times tables rock star aims to support PP children in improving their recall of times tables.Cost - £192£200With a view of the upcoming times tables test, this will help PP children include their X tables knowledge and assist in passing the test as well as their peers.
Purchase of SPAG.com aims to support PP children in improving their understanding and use of grammar and punctuation.Cost - £179£200This will assist in supporting PP children to improve their writing with a greater knowledge of grammar and punctuation. This will aim to close the gaps with their peers.
Purchase of overalls for EYFS. Cost - £500£500This will mean that all children, including PP, can access the full extent of the outdoor provision.
Pupil premium coordinator

Links to A, B, C and D on PP Strategy Statement
SLT time x 1 day a month£2600Meeting time and monitoring time to ensure PP children are getting the support they need through financial distribution. Includes cover to meet with Governors as needed. Provision mapping ensures the needs of PP children are being catered for.
Office time To support PP children accessing after school clubs, free school meals; also preparing data for Governor’s meetings and supporting PP attendance.

1.5 hours per week
£1000Families are supported in accessing the provision school offers it’s pupils. Governor files are kept up to date. Appropriate measures are taken where there are concerns about pupil’s attendance.
Attendance pupil supportTo ensure that any attendance issues linked to pupil premium children are dealt with quickly to reduce time out of school£550LA support is available for PP children where attendance is an issue and impacting on learning.
Coaches To support trips to enhance the curriculum experience for Pupil Premium children£1500To ensure that trips can take place even if contributions are not received from PP children, enabling a more creative curriculum with enhanced opportunities.
Whole class clarinet lessonsTo support Pupil Premium children in having the opportunity to learn a musical instrument£1000To provide all pupils with the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.
Growth Mindset training for staff To gain a better understanding of a child’s brain and how children can be supported to have a more positive approach to learning.£1000Staff are more aware of how the brain works and how they can support children in developing a more can do approach to learning.
CPD training for staff/GovernorsStaff and Governors are provided with training opportunities to develop skills in ensuring all pupils are able to make maximum progress, especially in the core areas.

Governors attend training so that they are able to challenge leaders appropriately.

(Includes cover for courses and £750 towards the Governors GLAD training package)
£3000Skills are developed through specialised training with external agencies and other schools.

Governor’s minutes show that leaders are challenged appropriately.
Summer’s HubSupport for school and families through the Summers Hub through links with a variety of agencies£2000The Summer’s Hub provides a multi-agency approach in supporting families where there are clear barriers to learning.
Surplus for uniform, transport, resources etc.

Links to D on PP Strategy Statement
This money is to be used to support additional uniform, specialised kit (eg dance costumes so that children can participate in out of hours festivals, class presentations, summer concert, outdoor learning clothing etc)£1740PP children are not excluded from any events in school because of a lack of kit, transport or resources.