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We are an Operation Encompass School

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“Let Your Light Shine!” - Matthew 5:16

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Dear Parents/carers

So long Mr Pitts:

Today we say goodbye to Mr Pitts who leaves our school after many years of hard work and dedication. He had a wonderful send off this morning where he was presented with musical renditions of the Dr Who theme tune, My Lovely Horse and Bohemian Rhapsody.

We will really miss him and wish him every success in his new job. Thank you for everything you have done for Gomersal St Mary’s Mr Pitts.

Christmas Events Review:

Early Years/Key Stage 1 Polar Express Day  Early Years and Key Stage 1 had a wonderful time on their Polar Express Day. Rowan, Elodie and Eddie told me they were very excited and loved coming to school in their pyjamas.  
Christmas Dinner  I asked some Year 6 girls about their Christmas dinner. They really enjoyed it! Dekota said she enjoyed the whole dinner! Sinead was particularly fond of the roast potatoes, sprouts and the mash. Nika liked the puddings best. She had a chocolate bun with a gingerbread man on top!   Many of the staff tucked into their Christmas dinners too. Thank you very much to the kitchen staff who produced a lovely Christmas dinner for so many people.  
KS2 Christmas concertA fantastic performance from all of key stage 2. We were treated to singing and dancing and an extra well done to all the children who had to learn lines. Kaiden really enjoyed singing ‘Underneath the tree’ and Darcie K said she just loved all the singing. Daniella particularly enjoyed ‘Step into Christmas’. Sonny loved having such a big audience. Thank you to everyone who came along and gave us such fabulous support.  
Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 Christmas party  The children were really excited to tell me about their party. There were lots of games and dancing. Leo Hall won the Pass the Parcel game while Willow really enjoyed all the dancing. I think Finley C. summed it up when he said he ‘had a really fun party.’        
PantomimeWhat a treat to have a pantomime in school. The whole school enjoyed a production of Cinderella for a touring theatre company. Ollie said he really enjoyed the pantomime.  Reina said that she particularly enjoyed the part when the step mum was in the shower. It really made her laugh! Abbie said she loved everything about the pantomime.  
KS2 Christmas parties  Today it was the turn of key stage 2 to enjoy their Christmas parties. Daniella enjoyed dancing in the hall to YMCA and many other songs. Sonny also enjoyed the dancing.  

Nursery places:

If you, or you know of anyone, who is seeking a Nursery place can you please contact school to put their name down. This applies for children who will join our school in future years as well.


Please look at your Parent Pay account over the holidays and clear any outstanding payments. If there are any debts you run the risk of not being able to access school lunches, breakfast club and tea time club.

Year 3 children trip Mrs Sunderland

The year 3 children are attending a workshop at the Town Hall on the morning Thursday 22 February 2024 and will be performing in the evening. Cost is £7.00 and the payment is on Parentpay and is now overdue. Please see original letter for more information.

Year 6 children Young Voices

The year 6 children are performing at the Young Voices concert at Sheffield Arena on Monday 19th February 2024. The cost of the trip is £29. Payment is on Parentpay and is now overdue. Please see original letter for more information.

Year 4 children Bolton Abbey

The year 4 children are going to Bolton Abbey on Tuesday 5 March 2024. Cost of the trip is £21.00. Three instalments have been set up: £7.00 by 31/10/23, the next £7.00 by 30/11/23 and final instalment by 31/01/24. Again see original letter for more information. 

Please make every endeavour to pay contributions on time. Failure to do so will mean trips are cancelled and children miss out on wonderful opportunities.

Outdoor kit donation:

If you have any size 12 wellies or waterproofs that could be donated to school we would really appreciate it. These would support our children who are gardening in the poorer weather.


We are heading into the time of year when there can be lots of bugs around. This list helps families know which illnesses and conditions require pupils to stay at home and when they can come to school. However if you have any questions please contact school.

Coffee Morning:

All welcome to our informal Coffee /Tea mornings (drink and natter). These are held every Tuesday after dropping your children off at school. Under school age children welcome too as there are lots of toys for them to play with. 

Please join us in the Children’s Centre with Mrs Boyle supplying the drinks and biscuits.  

New phone number?

If you have a new phone number, or if there is a change in contact details, please contact school to update us.

Keep Fit at St Mary’s church:
Thursday afternoon 2.00-2.45pm
£3.50 per session
For further details contact Mrs Trees Fewster 07484 377345

Training Days 23/24 reminder:

Here are the training days for the next school year:

Monday 8th January 2024  
Thursday 2nd May 2024  
Monday 22nd July 2024  

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

We look forward to seeing you back in school on Tuesday 9th January.

Yours sincerely

Miss J. Barker