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“Let Your Light Shine!” - Matthew 5:16

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Pupil Leadership and Faith Team (autumn 1)

Meeting on 28th September 2022

What was discussed?

  1. We thought about the role of a Pupil Leadership and Faith Team member:

Making our school a better place, respecting, supporting, looking after people, setting up and looking after the prayer shed, making our school a better place, keeping our eyes and ears open around school, listening to others, bringing ideas to meetings, leading worship, feeding back about worship, looking after the playtime equipment.  Helping with prayer spaces, encouraging others.

  1. Playtime equipment – members will make sure that equipment is looked after in their class.
  2. Our focus for this year will be mental health.  We discussed some ideas:
    • We talked about ‘check-in’ systems for classrooms.  Year 5 uses lollypop sticks, Year 1 and Year 3 have a system.  PL and Faith Team to ask children in their class what might work if they don’t already have one.
    • More fidgets in the playtime bags.
    • A weekly class Library time of about 10 to 15 minutes.
    • Prayer Shed – this will be set up on the theme for mental health.  Do we all understand what mental health is?
    • PL and Faith Team to ask class members what they would like in the prayer shed on mental health theme.
    • Team will supervise prayer shed when it is open.  Suggested we have a 5-minute timer in there.
    • Team to work on Buddy System after half term for playtimes.
    • Ashhar volunteered to take the meeting notes for meetings.  Summer and Reuben agreed to lead meetings.
    • PL and Faith Team to lead worship on mental health and prayer shed.

Meeting on 5th October 2022

What was discussed?

  • In this meeting we wrote down all the class ideas about mental health and the prayer shed.
  • Members of the team worked together to create a prayer shed with a focus on mental health.

Meeting on 12th October 2022

What was discussed?

  • Today we met with governors Ruth and Brenda who are on the worship team. They are very impressed with the prayer shed.

ECO Team (autumn term 1)

We are pleased to announce that we received our Green Flag ECO Schools award.  This is the result of much hard work across school in class, the Gardening Club and the ECO Team.  Our ECO Team met to discuss plans for this year.  We will continue to focus on our three key areas in School: Water, School Grounds and Walk to School.  This year we will add Waste to our topics.

Our dedicated ECO Team from last year led our worship – they talked about the important work we are doing in school and handed over to our new team for this year.

Our ECO Team met with our ECO Governor Mr Stead to discuss our ideas about saving waste.  Mr Stead will be helping us to look at our paper usage in school.

Members of our ECO Team have been cleaning windows as part of their commitment to looking after the school grounds.

Our kitchen used some of our fruit from our orchard to make these goodies.

Members of the ECO Team attended the Kirklees Youth Climate Festival.  They shared ideas with other schools and talked about their key focus of WASTE for this year.  Children listened to speakers from Fair and Funky, Kirklees Waste and our local MP.

Our ECO Team have been surveying the school grounds to list the jobs that need to be done in the coming months.

All our re-cycled uniform will now be available FREE to families.  

Our Key Stage 1 gardeners have been tasting apples and pears from the orchard.