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We are an Operation Encompass School

Call us: 01274 874 550

“Let Your Light Shine!” - Matthew 5:16

Shirley Avenue




BD19 4NA


Dear Parents/carers

Welcome Service:

Our Welcome Service will be taking place at St Mary’s Church. Families of pupils new to our school are welcome to attend as we celebrate their arrival at our school. This will take place on Wednesday 21st September at 10am.

Coffee Morning:

All welcome to our informal Coffee /Tea mornings (drink and natter). These are held every Tuesday after dropping your children off at School (8.45 till 10.00am). Under school age children welcome too as there are lots of toys for them to play with. Please join us in the Children’s Centre with Mrs Priestley suppling the drinks and biscuits.  

Thank You 

Parent Workshops

Tuesday Morning 9am-10.30

  • Understanding behaviour as Communication  11th October 2022
  • ASC (Autism) Awareness 8th November 2022
  • Healthy Relationships with Food 31st January 2023

If you are interested in any of these courses, please see

Mrs. Earnshaw to book a place.

(15 Places available for each course)

Donations Wanted:

As part of our recycling week, Year Five are looking for donations of children’s long trousers, tops, jumpers, and coats.

The children are going to collect all of the donations, sort them and re-sell them within the school in order to raise money for their topic, “We care for the world!”


It is common for children to get their ears pierced over the summer holidays giving them time to heal before returning to school. However, there are always times when this does not work out according to plan. It is typical to leave earrings in for six weeks before they can be removed. Unfortunately, children cannot do PE with earrings in so until they can be removed they will have to sit out. Please ensure pupils do not come to school with earrings in on PE days unless they can remove them themselves. The Association for Physical Education (afPE) strongly recommends the practice of removing all personal effects at the commencement of every lesson to establish a safe working environment. This applies to all ear and body piercings, including retainer and expander earrings. Thank you for your support.

We also ask that pupils only wear stud earrings to school. This is again for health and safety reasons.

Financial Support:

Here is a website that might be useful if you are a family who are struggling with paying bills/debts/fuel costs/mental health/unemployment etc:

Cost of living | Kirklees Council

Mobile phones in school:

Some of our older children bring a mobile phone into school. This is usually because they are walking home on their own. If you wish your child to bring in a mobile phone, please can you request a permission form.

Afternoon Tea:

I sent out earlier this week an invitation to join an afternoon tea held at St Mary’s Church. I have attached the poster again so you can see the details.

New phone number?

If you have a new phone number, or if there is a change in contact details, please contact school to update us.


Please ensure your account is cleared for Breakfast Club and Tea-Time club. If there are any outstanding amounts on these accounts from this point forward you will be unable to use Breakfast Club and Tea-Time club. If you are having any problems paying off these amounts please speak to the school office.

Packed Lunches:

Please can I remind families that pupils should not have nuts, fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolate bars in their packed lunches. Thank you for your support.

Training Days 22/23 reminder:

Here are the training days for the next school year:

Tuesday 3rd January 2023  
Thursday 4th May 2023  
Monday 24th July 2023  
Tuesday 25th July 2023  

As you will know we are closed on Monday due to the Queen’s funeral. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our book of condolence. I have been very proud of our pupils and the mature and respectful way they have responded to this sad time.

Yours sincerely, Miss J. Barker