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Dear parent/carer

In preparation for this year’s Robinwood trip here is some important information you will need. I have also attached some extra documents with this letter including a kit list and an information sheet produced by Robinwood.

Leaving time:

You will need to be at school at the normal time with a planned leaving time of 9.00am on the 19th November.  You will be given a luggage label which must be attached to the one piece of luggage permitted for the trip. An additional small bag, or small backpack is also allowed on the coach. Lunch will be provided by Robinwood so there is no need to take lots of food onto the bus although a piece of fruit and a water bottle is allowed. Please make sure any travel sickness pills are taken before arriving at school. ALL medication, except inhalers, must be handed to a member of staff on arrival at school clearly named and with specific instructions on administration.  Children should keep their inhalers with them, not packed in their luggage.

What to bring:

A clothing list is attached.  Robinwood staff will wash and dry clothes overnight so your child will always have access to clean dry clothes in the morning.  This may help you decide on the quantity of clothing to pack. Please label all items of clothing with the child’s name.

Please remember that expensive toys must not be brought on the trip including mobile phones. Cameras are not allowed at Robinwood due to safeguarding, but school staff will take photos which will be shared on our return.

Spending money:

Please discuss with your child an appropriate amount of money to spend at the tuck shop.  We recommend no more than £5.00 as more expensive souvenirs can be purchased in advance (see the separate form for this).

Phoning home:

There is very limited mobile phone reception at the centre.  Children will not be allowed to phone home, but if there are any problems we will contact you. However if an emergency arises at home and you need to make contact please ring 07908614337. We will then make any necessary arrangements.


Health and Safety of everyone involved in our Robinwood trip is of paramount importance. Therefore children must demonstrate they can follow instructions and respect all others, at all times. As a result we reserve the right to withdraw a child from this visit if behaviour is below an acceptable standard.

Coming home:

We will be aiming to return to school at approximately 3.30pm on Sunday 21st November.  This can only be an estimate, of course, due to the unexpected delays which can occur. If this happens you will be notified by the school text messaging service.

We are looking forward to an excellent weekend at Robinwood this year.  If you have any further questions, please contact school.

Yours sincerely

Miss J. Barker

Robinwood 2021: Kit list

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Robinwood 2021: Souvenir form

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