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We are an Operation Encompass School

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“Let Your Light Shine!” - Matthew 5:16

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Dear Parents/carers

Tea Time Club:

End of Year Party 🎉 – Thursday, 22nd July. 

Well it’s finally here, the end of what has been a strange school year. 

We want to celebrate how amazing you all have been! We’ve got Music, competitions, Food and Treats.

So get your dancing shoes on and come along and join us. To book your child’s place, please call or email the school office. 

Mrs Wharton and Miss Hacking



Here are the class teachers for next year. I have not included the support staff as this is still subject to change for some staff members.

EYFS unitMrs Barker/Mrs A. Wilson
Year 1Miss Byram
Year 2Mrs Haigh/Mrs Woodcock
Year 3Mrs E. Wilson
Year 4Mr Pitts
Year 5Mrs Hemingway
Year 6Miss Joyce

You will notice that some of the teachers are keeping the same class for another year. This is to support continuity after another challenging year. Children will be able to hit the ground running when the teacher already knows them so well.

We will also be running an EYFS unit from September, combining Nursery and Reception. Information has already been shared with the families who will have children in the unit. All the children in the EYFS unit will finish at 3pm.

For those classes who will be having a different teacher next year, we will endeavour to arrange a transition meeting. This is, of course, more challenging as we are unable to cross bubbles, but we will ensure pupils get the opportunity to meet their new teacher.

Gates and start times:

The gates will continue to open at 8.30 am and staff will also continue to be present to greet you and answer any questions you may have. The gates will then be reopened at 2.50 pm and again will be staffed.

Rise and Read:

From September we will be encouraging children to be in school for 8.30 am to join their class for Rise and Read. Children will start the day by sitting and reading with their class. Children will be expected to read a book appropriate to their ability which will be monitored and supported, where needed, by staff. This will be a valuable opportunity for pupils to develop their reading skills and enjoy a range of texts.


There will be no bubbles from September unless we are advised otherwise. This means that pupils will be able to move freely throughout the school. However, we are going to remain running playtimes and lunchtimes in key stage groups. These have run more smoothly during lockdown so it is an initiative we are going to keep.

Breakfast Club:

From September, Breakfast Club will start at 7.45 am. We hope that this will support more families getting back to work. We will still be limiting the number of pupils who can attend so please make sure you book ahead as we don’t want to be in a position where we have to turn pupils away. The cost of Breakfast Club will go up slightly to £3.50, or £1.50 for Pupil Premium children eg if you are entitled to income-related free school meals.

PE days:

On the days where your child has PE, we will continue to allow them to come to school in their PE kit. However, we must insist that the PE uniform is followed. Please make sure that your child has the correct PE uniform for the September start.

Year 6 ParentPay reminder:

If you have any debit or credit on your ParentPay account then can you please ensure this is dealt with before the end of the year. All debit needs to be cleared, however if you have any credit please contact Mrs Earnshaw so she can advise what needs to happen next.

Training Days 21/22 reminder:

Here are the training days for the next school year:

Monday 6th September 2021  
Tuesday 4th January 2022  
Thursday 5th May 2022  
Monday 25th July 2022  
Tuesday 26th July 2022  

Yours sincerely

Miss J. Barker