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We are an Operation Encompass School

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“Let Your Light Shine!” - Matthew 5:16

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Dear Parents/carers,


You will receive your child’s end of year report today. You will also receive a letter separately with more information about the report and information about booking an appointment with your child’s class teacher if you want to. On this occasion, we only ask you to make an appointment if you have something you specifically want to talk about. If you don’t receive your child’s report please let us know.

Walk to School Week 5 day challenge:

Thank you to everyone who took part in this challenge. It was lovely to see so many children with stickers to say they had participated.

Sports Days:

Even though the weather has not been the best our children have had lots of fun this week taking part in their sports events. The staff went all out to make it particularly special with all sorts of wonderful activities and special delights – I even spotted chips and the EYFS beach party! Look at class Twitter accounts for fab photos.

Tea Time Club:

Summer Picnic & Outdoor Games: Thursday 15th July

Come along & join us for a fun-filled afternoon of Games, Sports, Yummy Food and finished off with a Frozen Treat to cool us down. Please bring a hat and a water bottle.

To book your child’s place, call or email the school office. See you there. 

Mrs Wharton and Miss Hacking 


Please note that from September penalty notices will be issued once a child has been absent from school for more than 5 days due to a holiday. You will be exempt from this if you can prove exceptional circumstances, or if your holiday has had to be rescheduled due to COVID. If this is the case we will need to see evidence of your original booking. Fines are payable to Kirklees (not school) and cost £60 per child per adult. For example, if 2 adults go on holiday with 2 children the fine would be £240.

Year 6 ParentPay reminder:

If you have any debit or credit on your ParentPay account then can you please ensure this is dealt with before the end of the year. All debit needs to be cleared, however, if you have any credit please contact Mrs Earnshaw so she can advise what needs to happen next.

School milk reminder:

The 16th July is the deadline for school milk orders. Reception children will receive this free until the term when they turn 5 years old. School milk is available until the end of Year 2 at a cost of £11.65 per term. However, if your child is eligible for free school meals (income related) then school milk is free until the end of Year 2.

3 year old places reminder:

We are now able to offer paid places for children in our Nursery once they have turned 3. Usually, children join Nursery in the term after their third birthday. However, if you would like your child to start earlier (or know someone who might be interested in this opportunity) they may start as soon as they have had their third birthday under our paid sessions option. These cost £12 per half day. If you would like a full day this will cost £27 as there is an additional £3 charge for lunchtime cover. You could pay for your child to have a school dinner or they could bring a packed lunch. Please pass this information to anyone who may be interested. Contact the school office for more details.

Training Days 21/22 reminder:

Here are the training days for the next school year:

Monday 6th September 2021  
Tuesday 4th January 2022  
Thursday 5th May 2022  
Monday 25th July 2022  
Tuesday 26th July 2022  

Yours sincerely

Miss J. Barker