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The PCR test has now returned a positive result so unfortunately Year 3 and 4 will need to isolate until Sunday 18th July. Pupils may return to school on Monday 19th July.

We do expect all children to engage with the online lessons set so if you have any issues with devices please contact school.

Please remember that pupils are expected to isolate during this time which means they must not leave their house/garden unless for exceptional circumstances, for example a medical appointment.

Again we do apologise for any inconvenience caused, but we must follow Government guidelines.

Thank you for support,

Miss J. Barker

Original post:

Due to a positive lateral flow test result in this bubble we have had to ask these children and staff to isolate. A PCR test now needs to be completed to confirm this result. Your child should remain in isolation until we inform you of the result of this test.

If the result of this test is negative then the bubble will reopen straight away. If the test is positive then we need to ask that your child remains in isolation until Sunday 18th July. The rest of the household does not need to isolate.

Remote learning will be introduced for Year 3 and 4 from Monday via Google Classroom, Purple Mash, Sumdog and TT Rockstars. If you need any logins please contact the school office.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but we must follow the guidance as set out by the Government. I have double checked that we are following the correct procedure with Kirklees. We will keep you informed as we have more information.

Miss J. Barker