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Dear Parents/carers,

As you are aware there have been changes to the way we teach Relationships and Sex Education now in schools. These are a statutory part of the curriculum imposed by the Government. This half term we are delivering the topic called ‘Changing Me’. We wanted to share this information so that you can support your child with any further questions they may have.

Below I have outlined the topics that years Reception to Year 4 will be covering:


  • Bodies
  • Respecting my body
  • Growing up and Growth and Change

Year 1:

  • Life cycles – animal and human
  • Changes in me
  • Changes since being a baby
  • Using the correct terminology when looking at the differences between male and female bodies
  • Linking growing and learning
  • Coping with change

Year 2:

  • Life cycles in nature
  • Growing from young to old
  • Increasing independence
  • Differences in female and male bodies
  • Assertiveness

Year 3:

  • How babies grow
  • Understanding a baby’s needs
  • How your body changes
  • Family stereotypes
  • Challenging my ideas

Year 4:

  • Being unique
  • Girls and puberty
  • Confidence in change
  • The choice to have a baby, the parts of men and women that make babies and, in simple terms, how this happens

If you require any further information, then please read our RSE policy on the school website.

Yours sincerely, Miss J. Barker