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We are an Operation Encompass School

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“Let Your Light Shine!” - Matthew 5:16

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Dear Parents/carers,

I am sure you were delighted to hear about the return of pupils to school. Just to reinforce that all pupils are expected to return on Monday 8th March. We look forward to seeing you all again.

The same restrictions will remain in place as before we broke up for Christmas. So just to remind you that no adults are allowed in school without a prior appointment. If you need to speak to someone there will always be an adult on the gate at the start and end of the school day. Please contact the school office via email or by phone when necessary.

We would also appreciate it if you could remember to wear a face-covering while you are on school premises. If you are exempt for medical reasons then this is not required.

Please make sure that children do not bring anything to school that isn’t essential. We still ask that children come to school dressed in their PE kit on relevant days. This will also apply if your child’s class does forest schools. Please make sure you are aware of the days PE and Forest schools takes place for your child. This may be a different day to the current timetable.

The timetable below is from the 8th March:

 PEForest Schools  
MondayYear 1Nursery/Reception
TuesdayYear 2, Year 3, Year 4 
WednesdayReception, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 6 
ThursdayNursery, Year 1, Year 6 
FridayYear 5 

Year 1:

Mr Hardy has been working alongside Miss Byram in Year 1. He will now be sharing the teaching of year 1 until June. Miss Byram and Mrs Edwards will still be there.

World Book Day:

We will be having a non-uniform on Thursday 4th March to celebrate World Book Day. This will give children the opportunity to dress up as a book character if they wish. Along with this letter, there is another attachment giving children a variety of activities that can be completed for World Book Day too. If you have a live lesson on Thursday then please bring the things that you have made to that lesson, otherwise bring them to the lesson on Friday.

Breakfast Club and After School Club:

From the 8th March Breakfast Club and After School will run as normal Monday to Friday. Spaces in Breakfast Club are limited so please book in advance.

Spaces in After School Club are not limited at the moment, but you must book in advance so we know your child needs to be collected by the staff and how many children are in for tea. Please note that if you cancel a space on the same day as the booking, you will still be charged £7.50.

Thank you again for all your support.

Miss J. Barker

Paint a potato. Challenge level 1 –

Decorate a potato as a character from a book using paint. Be as inventive as you like. The potato does not have to be a character. It can be an object or scene or setting from a book Please challenge yourself. Take a look at the pictures to get ideas.

Create a diorama based on a book. Challenge level 3 –

Use an old shoe box, some junk modelling materials and some paint to create a diorama based on a book. This could be a classroom for The Boy at the Back of the Classroom, a chocolate factory for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or a scrap metal yard for The Iron Man. Take a look at the pictures for ideas.

Create 2p micro art. Challenge level 5 –

Create artwork based on a book the size of a 2p coin. Stick the artwork to the 2p coin to take a picture of and share with your classmates. Your artwork can be based on a scene, setting, character from a book. In my example, I have done the front cover of The Boy at the Back of the Classroom.

Anything egg box. Challenge level 2-5 –

Use old egg boxes to create artwork based on a book. This can be a character which is the obvious choice but challenge yourself to be creative with your ideas. In my example, I have used an old egg box to create the backpack from the front cover of The Boy at the Back of the Classroom.

Story in a Jar. Challenge level 1-4 –

Create a scene in a jar based on a book of your choice. You can choose a book you are reading now, a childhood favourite or any other book you like. Use different craft supplies and junk modelling material to create your scene.

Create a movie –

Dress up as your favourite character and create a video to share. Your movie could be a recreation of a scene from a book, a story you have made up or a scene based on a movie. Record your film to share on Google Classroom.