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We are an Operation Encompass School

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“Let Your Light Shine!” - Matthew 5:16

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Dear parents/carers,

Further guidance from Kirklees

Visit Contact’s new page on going back to school (England) for the latest guidance, and answers to common concerns from parents. Parent carers can also call Contact’s freephone helpline on 0808 808 3555 and speak to one of their education advisers or email us at or get in touch with our helpline team via Live Chat, Facebook or Twitter. (

NHS Guidance

You will have also received some guidance from the NHS this week regarding Test and Trace. Please make sure you read this and are aware of the information it contains. If you missed this letter, please contact the school office and another letter will be sent home.

Robinwood Refunds

We are working on refunding any money paid towards the Robinwood trip. This is taking some time as we have to work with ParentPay. Hopefully, the deposits will be refunded over the next week and then we will start on any additional payments that have been made. Once we believe all the money paid has been refunded, we will let families know so you can inform us if any refunds have been missed.

Your sincerely, Miss J. Barker