The School Office

Regular Updates and Contact details

Please notify the office of any changes to address or phone numbers. We need to be able to contact you at all times in case of emergency. The school operates a texting service to parents to keep you informed of events and messages will not get through to you if we do not have your current number.


Please phone school as soon as possible if your child is unable to come to attend that day. It is important that we know about this as early as possible on the first day of absence. The school contact number is 01274 874 550.


If your child needs to attend an appointment during school hours we ask that you notify us in advance wherever possible. You need to sign out your child at the main office when collecting and sign back in when you return to school. This is important for fire safety.

School is now closed for our Summer break. We reopen to children on Tuesday, 4th September. Have a lovely Summer!