Year 6

Year 6 Mission Statement, 2017-18

For more information about Year 6’s curriculum please speak to Mrs Wilson.

Year 6 Literacy and Language Overview

 Unit 1Unit 2Unit 3Unit 4Unit 5Unit 6
Main grammar focus for the unitExpanded noun phrases.
Semicolons, colons and dashes.
Synonyms and antonyms.
Punctuation of bullet points.
Layout devices to structure text.
Informal and formal speech and writing, subjunctive.
Passive voice.
Formal and informal vocabulary.Hyphens to avoid ambiguity.Linking ideas across paragraphs using a wide range of cohesive devices.
Fiction text/sRobin Hood and the Golden Arrow by Geraldine McCaughrean (a legend)Rabbit in Mixer Survives by Roger McGough (poetry: the power of imagery)Brashem's Tortoise by Susan Price (a historical story, fiction genres)Gone Away! by Lou Kuenzler (a story with flashbacks)The Elephant in the Room by Lou Kuenzler (a playscript, narratives and plays)I Believe in Unicorns by Michael Morpurgo (authors and texts)
Non-fiction text/s'The Sherwood Bugle'
'Good Day!'
'TV Interview' (journalistic writing)
'Should humans really rule the Earth?'
'Animals Rule!... but which one?'
'Exotic Pets - the Facts and Figures'
'Are you really sure you want that one?' 'Protection of Exotic Pets Society'
(formal/impersonal writing)
'Alexander Selkirk Biography' (Biography and autobiography)'Make memory lapses a thing to forget!'
(persuasive texts)
'How does a story become a Manga graphic novel
Suggestions for wider reading

Year 6 Mathematics Plan

Each unit is a two-week block of work. Three weeks are left free for assessments.
Unit 1: Place value and orderingUnit 2: Addition and subtractionUnit 3: Shapes and patternsUnit 4: Measures (1)Unit 5: Multiplication and division (1)Unit 6: Fractions, decimals and percentages (1)
Unit 7: Patterns and numberUnit 8: Shape and symmetry (1)Unit 9: CalculationsUnit 10: Measures (2)Unit 11: Multiplication and division (2)Unit 12: Fractions, decimals and percentages (2)
Unit 13: Shape and symmetry (2)Unit 14: Measures (3)Unit 15: Multiplication and division (3)Unit 16: Fractions, decimals and percentages (3)Unit 17: Numbers and calculationsUnit 18: Position, movement and angle

Year 6 Curriculum Grid: 2016-17

Term/SubjectAutumn 1
(8 weeks)
Autumn 2
(7 weeks)
Spring 1
(6 weeks)
Spring 2
(5 weeks)
Summer 1
(7 weeks)
Summer 2
(7 weeks)
ScienceWhere the Wild Things Are?What would a journey through your body look like?Are you a Mutant too?How can you light up your life?Are you a bright spark?Are you ready for changes?
HistoryWho were the Mayans and what have we learnt from them?Local History topicWere the Vikings always victorious and vicious?Were the Vikings always victorious and vicious?
GeographyI’m a Year 6 pupil: can you get me out of here?Will you ever see the water you drink again?
Creative ArtsCan you see the detail? (Art)Can you see the detail? (Art)Who was Frida Kalo? (Art)Who was Frida Kalo? (Art)Prepare a Viking banquet (DT)Set and prop design (DT)
Music (Charanga)Livin’ on a PrayerChristmas songs and KS2 carol concertYoung VoicesFresh Prince of Bel AirSummer PerformanceLeavers' Performance
REWhat does it mean to be a Sikh?ChristmasCan charity change the World?Easter: ResurrectionWhat is compassion?What is important to Christians?
ComputingHow networks (including the internet) work and non-linear linking PowerPoint presentationsDigital photography and film scrapbooks, animated Christmas cards and songs.Growing up in a digital worldProgramming for the webUsing KoduBinary code, Computing history, E-Commerce, How banks work, stop-motion animation
FrenchClassroom routines, clothes, friends and family members and occupationsRevision of family members, songs, houses and homes and Christmas in FranceMy ideal house, Word classes and furnitureEaster cards, Easter traditions and craftingHolidays, travel, holiday food and leisureHoliday show and revision
Have a lovely half term break! See you back on Tuesday, 31st October.