Year 4

Year 4’s Mission Statement, 2017-18

For more information about Year 4’s curriculum please speak to Miss Joyce.

Year 4 Literacy and Language Overview

 Unit 1Unit 2Unit 3Unit 4Unit 5Unit 6
Main grammar focus for the unitInverted commas.Paragraphs.Adverbials including fronted adverbials.Plurals, possession and apostrophes.Standard English.Nouns and pronouns.
Fiction text/sLost or Stolen? by Narinder Dhami (a dilemma story)The Balloons by Oscar Wilde.
My Sari by Debjani Chatterjee
At the End of a School Day by Wes Magee (poetry)
The Bogey Men and the Trolls Next Door by Kaye Umansky (a story in narrative verse)The Fly and the Fool by Lou Kuenzler (a playscript)Runaways! by Jim Eldridge (a story with a historical setting)Sugarcane Juice by Pratima Mitchell (a story from another culture)
Non-fiction text/s'Gadget Magic'
'The Greatest Gadget of Them All?' (information texts)
'Your Alien Experiences'
'The Daily Blab'
(Journalistic recounts)
'The Stellar Stage School'
'How the Voice Works' (explanation texts)
'Junior Detective!' (evaluating evidence)'London Herald' (newspapers)'VIPER! - Critic's Review'
'VIPER! - A Film Trailer' (persuasive writing)
Suggestions for wider reading

Year 4 Mathematics Plan

Each unit is a two-week block of work. Three weeks are left free for assessments.
Unit 1: Place value and ordering (1)Unit 2: Addition and subtraction (1)Unit 3: Shapes and patternsUnit 4: Measures (1)Unit 5: Multiplication and division (1)Unit 6: Fractions and time (1)
Unit 7: Patterns and numberUnit 8: Shape and symmetry (1)Unit 9: CalculationsUnit 10: Measures (2)Unit 11: Multiplication and division (2)Unit 12: Addition and subtraction (2)
Unit 13: Shape and symmetry (2)Unit 14: Measures (3)Unit 15: Multiplication and division (3)Unit 16: Fractions and time (2)Unit 17: Numbers and calculationsUnit 18: Position, movement and angle

Year 4 Curriculum Grid: 2016-17

Term/SubjectAutumn 1
(8 weeks)
Autumn 2
(7 weeks)
Spring 1
(6 weeks)
Spring 2
(5 weeks)
Summer 1
(7 weeks)
Summer 2
(7 weeks)
ScienceHow could we cope without electricity for one day?Why is the sound that “One Direction” makes enjoyed by so many?What happens to the food we eat?Which animals and plants thrive in our locality?How could we survive without water?Consolidation and assessment, Scientists and inventors
HistoryWhy were the Romans so powerful and what did we learn from them>How can we rediscover the wonders of ancient Egypt?How can we rediscover the wonders of ancient Egypt?Anglo saxons
GeographyWhat is so special about the USA?Where would you choose to build a city?
Creative ArtsThe life and works of Andy Warhol (Art)Design a Roman Chariot/catapult (DT)Bread making (DT)Landscapes: watercolour (Art)Architecture: drawing buildings (Art)Saxon shoes (DT textiles)
Music (Charanga)Mamma Mia!Christmas Songs: KS2 carol concertGlockenspiel Stage 3Benjamin Britten – Cuckoo!Lean On MeReflect, Rewind and Replay
REWhich faiths make up our community?Christmas journeysWho can inspire us?Easter: different perspectivesHow do festivals use light as a symbol?What words of wisdom guide us?
ComputingProgramming complex sequences using ProbotsSearching the internet effectivelyUsing ScratchDoing more with formulaeCoding with KoduComic Strips, Photo stories
FrenchParts of the body, French nursery rhymes, zoo animals, designing a monster and a new animalWinter clothes, snow men, Christmas carols, St Nicolas and le Pere FouettardMeunier tu dors, members of the family, ask and answer questions about family, The Enormous Radish and petsThe alphabet, word class, hobbies and Jano lapinAsking and answering questions, the weather, places in France, clothes and packing a suitcaseOrdering food, sandwiches, restaurants and drinks
Have a lovely half term break! See you back on Tuesday, 31st October.