Year 1

Year 1 Mission Statement, 2017-18

For more information about Year 1’s curriculum please speak to Miss Byram.

Children in Year 1 follow the Read, Write, Inc. phonics and writing schemes. You can read more about these here.

Year 1 Mathematics Plan

Each unit is a two-week block of work. Three weeks are left free for assessments.
Unit 1: Counting and numbers (1)Unit 2: Addition and subtraction (1)Unit 3: Shapes and patterns (1)Unit 4: Measures (1)Unit 5: Fractions, position and movement (1)Unit 6: Counting and numbers (2)
Unit 7: Addition and subtraction (2)Unit 8: Number patterns (1)Unit 9: Shapes and patterns (2)Unit 10: Measures (2)Unit 11: Fractions, position and movement (2)Unit 12: Number patterns (2)
Unit 13: Counting and numbers (3)Unit 14: Addition and subtraction (3)Unit 15: Shapes and patterns (3)Unit 16: Measures (3)Unit 17: Number patterns (3)Unit 18: Fractions, position and movement (3)

Year 1 Curriculum Grid: 2016-17

Term/SubjectAutumn 1
(8 weeks)
Autumn 2
(7 weeks)
Spring 1
(6 weeks)
Spring 2
(5 weeks)
Summer 1
(7 weeks)
Summer 2
(7 weeks)
ScienceWhy are humans not like tigers?What happens when there is no light?Where do the leaves go in Winter?Plants and sorting, including humans.Superhero body parts: superhero waterproof capes - materials.Senses and pets.
HistoryThe Great Fire of London and Princess DianaSir Francis BeaufortFairy TalesHistorical superheroes: Florence NightingaleMake a memory box: changes within living memory
GeographyVisit to wildlife park: mapsCountries and capital cities of the UK - similarities and differencesWhy can’t a meerkat live at the North Pole?Local studyMap work
Real life superheroes: visit nurse/firefighter
Local area and old toys
Creative ArtsAnimal puppets (DT)Light and celebrations/portraits of Princess Diana, Van Gogh's Starry Night (Art)Weather (Art)Moving Vehicles (DT)Superhero masks (DT) Superhero logo (Art)Family portraits/wooden spoon dolls (DT)
Music (Charanga)Hey You!Little Angel gets her WingsIn the GrooveRhythm in the Way we Walk and Banana RapRound & RoundReflect, Rewind and Replay
RESpecial Books and StoriesChristmasBelonging to Church and MosqueEasterWhy do we care?Celebrating special occasions
ComputingDigital images & paintingMaking an animated storySafely using IT to communicatePaths and mazes: roamersIntroduction to CodingProgramming repeated sequences