Classes in school

We have 8 classes in our school. You can find more information about the work covered in each class on our Curriculum Grid pages.

The teachers are as follows:

  • Nursery: Mrs Bosah (Mon-Wed) & Mrs Fox (Wed-Fri)
  • Reception: Mrs Barker
  • Year 1: Miss Byram
  • Year 2: Mrs Woodcock
  • Year 3: Mrs Keeling
  • Year 4: Miss Joyce
  • Year 5: Mrs Hemingway
  • Year 6: Mrs Wilson
  • PPA teachers: Mr Pitts and Mrs Haigh

Each class has a teaching assistant linked to them for the morning. They are as follows:

  • Nursery: Miss Jackson
  • Reception: Miss Sheard and Miss Senior
  • Year 1: Mrs Edwards and Mrs Nicholl
  • Year 2: Mrs Hulley
  • Year 3: Mrs Colling
  • Year 4: Mrs Rhodes
  • Year 5: Mrs Hacking
  • Year 6: Mrs Kennedy

School is now closed for our Summer break. We reopen to children on Tuesday, 4th September. Have a lovely Summer!