Christmas Facts Advent Calendar: Day 12 – Carols

Christmas carols are songs about Jesus and when he was born. The earliest carols were written in the 1400s and were usually sung in people’s homes. Christmas carols were banned by Oliver Cromwell between 1647 and 1660 because he believed Christmas should be a serious day. Today carols are sung by carol singers who may go between houses […]

Christmas Facts Advent Calendar: Day 11 – Stockings

One Christmas Eve, Father Christmas dropped some coins down a chimney of a family to help them. The coins landed in socks that were hung above the fire to dry. Since then children have hung empty socks and stockings above fireplaces, near the Christmas tree and put them at the end of their beds, in […]

Christmas Facts Advent Calendar: Day 10 – Yule Logs

Traditionally a huge log would be chosen from the forest on Christmas Eve and brought into the house. The log would be put in the fire place and lit with a piece of last year’s yule log. The log would staying burning  through the 12 nights of Christmas. The yule log was believed to have […]

Christmas Facts Advent Calendar: Day 9 – Wreaths

Traditionally wreaths at Christmas are made from evergreens, twigs and flowers. The evergreens represent the everlasting life of Jesus and the circular shape represents God having no beginning and no end. At Christmas time wreaths are often hung on doors and used as decorations.

Christmas Facts Advent Calendar: Day 7 – Christingles

Christingles originated from a Church in Germany where a minister gave children a candle with a red ribbon around it. Today a Christingle is made up of different elements: an orange (to represent the world) a lit candle (to represent Jesus as the light of the world) a red ribbon (to represent the blood of […]

Christmas Facts Advent Calendar: Day 6 – Nativity

At Christmas many schools perform a Nativity which is a play which tells the story of the birth of Jesus. St Francis of Assisi performed the first Nativity in Italy in around 1223. He wanted to show people the story of the birth of Jesus, as many people couldn’t read the story for themselves.

Christmas Facts Advent Calendar: Day 5 – Christmas Pudding

Christmas pudding started as a porridge called Frumenty and was made of beef and mutton, raisins and spices. It later became known as Plum Pudding as eggs, breadcrumbs and fruit were added to make it thicker. Today a Christmas pudding is traditionally made with raisins, nuts and cherries. Sometimes the Christmas pudding is covered with […]

Christmas Facts Advent Calendar: Day 3 – Christmas Trees

A German man called Martin Luther was the first man to decorate a fir tree. Christmas trees were made popular in this country after Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert put a Christmas tree in Windsor Castle. Christmas trees used to be decorated with candles, sweets and cakes. Today Christmas trees are decorated with fairy lights, tinsel […]