Advent 2014

Christmas Facts Advent Calendar: Day 3 – Christmas Trees

A German man called Martin Luther was the first man to decorate a fir tree. Christmas trees were made popular in this country after Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert put a Christmas tree in Windsor Castle. Christmas trees used to be decorated with candles, sweets and cakes. Today Christmas trees are decorated with fairy lights, tinsel […]

Christmas Facts Advent Calendar: Day 2 – Christmas Cards

The first Christmas card was made by John Hornsley, an artist and sent by Sir Henry Cole, a rich British businessmen around 1843. About 1000 cards were made and sold for 1 shilling each (that’s about the same as 5p today). Today lots of people still send Christmas cards to their family and friends to […]

Christmas Facts Advent Calendar: Day 1 – Advent Calendars

Advent starts the countdown to Christmas and is usually marked by Advent calendars or Advent candles. Advent calendars originated in Germany in the late 1880s and had pictures from the Christmas Story. Advent calendars were originally made from paper or card and had 24 doors. From December 1st a door was opened every day and […]

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