Your Extreme Reading Photos

Here are the Extreme Reading photos you have shared so far! We have loved seeing how creative you have been with getting these pictures. Thank you so much for taking part! We are still happy to receive your photos – keep them coming.   [contact-form-7 id=”12564″ title=”Send us your Extreme Reading photos!”]

Remembrance Service

Today we held our annual Remembrance Service at St. Mary’s Church. Reverend Karen gave a thoughtful service, discussing the power of love, hope and peace. Years 5 & 6 also contributed poems of remembrance for the fallen. Thank you to the parents who were able to share this special time with us.


Year 4’s Roman Visitor

On Monday, year 4 had a very special visitor called John who came into class to teach the children all about the Romans. The children looked at lots of artifacts and used them to find out about the Roman way of life. They even got to dress up as Romans and learnt how to play […]


Extreme Reading

We would love to see your Extreme Reading photos. We challenge you to read in unusual places or in unusual ways. You could use the staff’s photos below for inspiration, then send us yours using the form below.   Send us your Extreme Reading photos! [contact-form-7 id=”12564″ title=”Send us your Extreme Reading photos!”]

Gardening Party

This weekend saw us hold our second annual gardening party where we invite families into school to help tidy the grounds up in return for free food from Miss Joyce’s barbecue! Thank you to all who gave up some of their time on Saturday morning to help out.

Harvest Service

Today we visited St. Mary’s Church for our annual Harvest Festival. Thanks to Reverend Karen, who reminded us to be thankful for the things that we have, but always to remember other people who are less fortunate than us. Year 2 gave us a fabulous retelling of The Little Red Hen too! Thank you to […]

School Welcome Service 2016

Today we held our annual Welcome service at St. Mary’s Church for those who are joining our school community. Thank you to all the friends and family who were able to join us.

Goodbye to Mrs Carruthers, Mrs Brown and Mrs Newby

Yesterday, not only did we say goodbye to our Year 6 children, we also bid farewell to Mrs Carruthers, Mrs Brown and Mrs Newby. Mrs Newby has worked at the school for 16 years. She is leaving us to take another job and we wish her the very best of luck. Mrs Newby has contributed […]

Summer Concert 2016: Performance Photos

Tuesday evening saw us perform our rescheduled Summer Concert. Thankfully, the weather remained fine and we were able to show off all the hard work our children have put into their singing and dancing in preparation for our Disney Extravaganza! Thank you to all members of the Gomersal St. Mary’s community for joining us. Teagan: […]

Summer Concert 2016: A Sneak Preview

“I’m looking forward to showing my mum our dance,” said Olivia in Year 4. Renton is, “looking forward to doing our dance!” “I can’t wait to see all the parents watching our dance,” said Jake. Louis is wanting to “watch other people’s dances!” These photos are from our earlier rehearsal. We hope you all enjoy […]

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