Your Extreme Reading Photos

Here are the Extreme Reading photos you have shared so far! We have loved seeing how creative you have been with getting these pictures. Thank you so much for taking part! We are still happy to receive your photos – keep them coming.  

Story Sacks Update

After a busy Summer, our Story Sack helpers met at school again for an evening celebration. Mrs Bosah, Mrs Jolliff and Miss Jackson displayed all the fabulous stories in the hall and parents and children enjoyed viewing the beautiful work. A big “Thank You” again to everyone who attended and who helped in any way.

Story Sack Event held on Tuesday 14th May 2013

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who attended our story sack event last night. Parents and grandparents enjoyed viewing the story sack resources that we use regularly in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 on a regular basis. Parents chose books and resources to take home to make their very own […]

Reading Books

Just a quick note to say thank you for your generous book donations. The children have loved the new books that they now have in their classrooms. All the new resources for reading are available here.

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