Key Stage 2

Year 5 Super Hero Trailers

For the past few weeks, Year 5 have been studying comic book heroes. We looked closely at how Spider-Man got his powers and eventually created our own characters. These were so good that Hollywood got in touch and wanted to see a trailer for a potential film. These are shown below.

Kirklees Swimming Gala

Every year, Spenborough Baths hold a swimming gala. This year’s was held last Monday. We did fairly well, winning a race! Well done to all involved. [dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/2012 swimming gala/”/]


Class 3 have been busy producing a picture of Palm Sunday to take to church next week. Everybody has taken part and we are proud of our picture. Also we have been celebrating the first day of Spring by painting pictures of daffodils. Mrs Voce

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School is now closed for our Summer break. We reopen to children on Tuesday, 4th September. Have a lovely Summer!