Year 4

Year 5’s Christmas Scratch Games

This term we have created some Scratch games with a Christmas theme in Year 5. These all require Flash, so you may need to enable it in your browser. In Chrome, press the circled i in the address bar, and allow Flash in the drop down menu. Year 4 have also been making Pac-Man style […]

Year 4: Outdoor Clarinets

Mrs Bell made the most of the glorious weather by taking today’s clarinet lesson outside. We marched across the playground playing Hot Cross buns in 3 part harmony, with a percussive clapping section!

2017 Easter Service

Today, we held our annual Easter service at St. Mary’s Church. Years 3 & 4 took the service alongside Reverend Karen and told us all about the events leading up to Easter Sunday. Thank you to all the relatives of those children who were able to join us.


Year 4’s Roman Visitor

On Monday, year 4 had a very special visitor called John who came into class to teach the children all about the Romans. The children looked at lots of artifacts and used them to find out about the Roman way of life. They even got to dress up as Romans and learnt how to play […]

Year 4 Computing: Scratch – Pong! Games

This half term, Year4 have been working with Scratch – a tool to allow children to create their own programmes. On Friday, the class created bat and ball games, based on Pong! Kai’s ping ponggggggggggg: View it at Isabella’s Ping Pong: View it at Emily M’s Ping Pong: View it at Ruby’s […]

Year 4 Computing: Scratch – Egyptian Mazes

This half term, Year4 have been working with Scratch – a tool to allow children to create their own programmes. Over the last few weeks, we have been making Egyptian mazes. The keyboard arrow keys are used to move the sprites in most of the games. Oliver T’s Mummy: View it at Kai’s Maze: […]

Year 4’s Class Presentation: Photos & Video

This week saw Year 4 share their hard work this half term in their class presentation. We heard all about the Ancient Egyptians and saw a wonderful dance as well as some amazing rapping! Thank you to all the families that joined us for this presentation.    

School Updates: 22nd January 2016

I would like to invite you to our Happy Hours which are to take place next week.  This is an opportunity for you to come into school and join your children in their classroom from 2-3pm (except Nursery 10.30-11.30am). The dates are as follows: Wednesday 27th January – Years 3 and 5 Thursday 28th January – […]

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School is now closed for our Summer break. We reopen to children on Tuesday, 4th September. Have a lovely Summer!