Maths in Reception

Children in our Reception class have been learning about light and heavy objects and how they effect the scales. Some children discovered that some large long objects were not actually that heavy and tipped the scales the wrong way to the one they predicted! Also that day some children listened to the Gruffalo tale and […]

Story Sack Event held on Tuesday 14th May 2013

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who attended our story sack event last night. Parents and grandparents enjoyed viewing the story sack resources that we use regularly in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 on a regular basis. Parents chose books and resources to take home to make their very own […]

Easter Displays 2013

Palm Sunday On Palm Sunday we remember how Jesus and his disciples travelled to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover. Jesus sent James and John to find a donkey. He told them they would find a donkey tied up in a village, the man who owned it was proud to let Jesus borrow it. Jesus rode into […]

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