Nursery’s Bear: Patch

Hi! I’m Patch. Find out about my adventures with Nursery here!

Nursery's Bear: Patch

Nursery’s Bear: Patch

Patch went to a birthday party where he made a new friend, Burnard and also visited Oakwell Hall.

He also made a friend with Lottie the cocker spaniel!

Patch and Burnard
Alistair and Patch
Crafting with Patch
Crafting with Patch 2
Patch with a bun
Alistair and Patch 2
Patch and Lottie 2
Patch and Lottie 1
Patch at Oakwell
20160424_092616 2

Patch visited Tyler’s house this weekend, they had a great time together.

On Saturday, Tyler and Patch did some cooking together in Tyler’s kitchen.
They went to the park together and played on the swings and slide.

On Sunday, Patch went with Tyler to church.

They had a fantastic weekend 😁