2017 Advent Calendar: Day 17

Day 17

“So the shepherds went quickly and found Mary, Joseph, and the baby.”

Luke 2:16-17

Task (remember you can post your solution in the comments below):

The star at the top of a Christmas tree flashes seven times in one minute. Use your calculation skills to work out the following.

How many flashes will take place in:

  1. 20 minutes
  2. 1 hour
  3. 1 day
  4. 1 week
  5. Between December 10th and December 25th
  6. What if the light remained working for a whole year… how many flashes would there be?
  7. The bulb is guaranteed to last for 50,000 flashes. How many bulbs would you need to keep the star lit for a whole year?


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