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I am writing to you as the Returning Officer for the election of parent governor. We currently have a vacancy for a parent governor.

The law now requires that all governors are appointed on the basis of the skills they have to contribute to effective governance. Therefore parent elections now undertaken by schools need to have due regard to the new statutory guidance. Schools must promote informed and effective elections in which the electorate understands the role of a governor; the skills required by the governing body; and the extent to which candidates possess those skills. (PLEASE SEE INFORMATION LEAFLET – AVAILABLE FROM THE SCHOOL OFFICE). We would therefore ask that any parent who possesses these particular skills please consider standing in this election.

For the purpose of an election the term ‘parent’ includes a person who is not a parent but has parental responsibility (as defined in the Children Act 1989) or has care of the child.  To stand, propose, support or vote in the election a parent must be the parent of a pupil on roll at the school, at the date of election.  Within a family each parent may vote but parents do not have extra votes because they have more than one child in the school.

I propose to hold an election of 1 parent governor to serve for a period of 4 years starting in the Spring term 2018. Nomination forms and all relevant details are available from the school office.  Nominations should be received by me personally by 3pm on the 17th November.  If more than the required number of candidates are nominated, ballot papers will be sent to parents on 24th November.  I shall let you know the result of the election in due course.

I have to draw your attention to the following restriction which applies to school governors:

A governor must be aged 18 or over at the time of the election and must complete a DBS disclosure application form.

The full details of disqualifications which apply to the role of school governor are to be found in the current School Governance (Procedures) Regulations.  Staff in the School Governor Service at 2nd Floor, Kirkgate Buildings, will be happy to advise on disqualification, if need be (Tel 01484 225010).

A leaflet explaining the role of school governors has been included for information (available from the school office).

A copy of the Authority’s procedure for this election is available for inspection at School.

Yours sincerely,

Miss J. Barker

Head Teacher and Returning Officer

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