School Updates: Friday, 23rd June 2017

As the term is moving on we are making plans for next year.  Therefore we wanted to share with you which teacher will be in each year group from September.

NurseryMrs Bosah
ReceptionMrs Barker
Year 1Miss Byram
Year 2Mrs Woodcock
Year 3Mrs Keeling
Year 4Miss Joyce
Year 5Mrs Hemingway
Year 6Mrs Wilson
PPA in EYFS and Key Stage 1Mrs Haigh
PPA in Key Stage 2Mr Pitts

We are sad to say farewell to Mrs Lockwood and Mrs Voce who are retiring this year. I am sure you will join us in thanking them for all the fantastic work they have done for our school over the years and wish them a very enjoyable retirement.

You will have spotted in the above table that we have two new teachers joining us (Mrs Barker and Miss Byram). We look forward to welcoming them to our school in September.

We will also inform you of the support staff who will be working with your children’s classes in due course although some members of staff will work with different groups throughout the day.

Year 6:

The Leaver’s Service has now been confirmed for Thursday 20th July at 10.15am. This will take place at St Mary’s Church.


We have a number of children who are bringing sunglasses to school. This is not encouraged unless they are wearing them due to high pollen counts and suffer from hay fever. Sunglasses can be easily broken or lost and so any that are brought into school are at the owner’s own risk.


As you may know we have had a number of children off with stomach upset. We strongly suggest that children stay away from school for 48 hours if they have been sick or had diarrhoea. This limits the risk of passing the illness around school. We would appreciate your co-operation in this.

Thank you for ongoing support.

Yours sincerely, Miss J. Barker

Mr Pitts currently teaches Computing to the whole school along with some other subjects during teacher's PPA time. He runs this website and makes sure it all works smoothly, most of the time!
School is now closed for our Summer break. We reopen to children on Tuesday, 4th September. Have a lovely Summer!