2016 Advent Calendar: Day 71 minute read


Luke 2:4

So Joseph also went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem the town of David, because he belonged to house and line of David.

Day 7: Christmas Around The World – Bangladesh

  • December 25th is a public holiday for Christmas in Bangladesh even though only about 0.3% of the population, of about 170 million people, are Christians – over 85% of people in Bangladesh are Muslims.
  • Christmas is known as ‘Borodin’ which means ‘the big day’ in Bengali. Happy/Merry Christmas in Bengali is shubho bôṛodin.
  • In big towns and cities, shops and hotels will have ‘western’ style Christmas decorations like fake snow and artificial Christmas Trees with lots of lights. Having a Christmas tree in your home is also becoming more popular, especially among Christians. More people are also exchanging Christmas cards.
  • Christians who live in big towns and cities often try and go home to their villages to spend Christmas with their families.

4 Christmas Boxes

For this puzzle, imagine four Christmas boxes all lined up and ready to be given to someone! Can you work out the contents and the cost of the Christmas boxes from the given clues?

  • The ball is next to and in-between the calculator and the abacus.
  • The abacus costs £3 more than the diary.
  • The three presents on the right cost a total of £20.
  • The diary is next to and on the immediate right of the abacus.
  • The calculator costs twice as much as the ball.
  • The three presents on the left cost a total of £19.

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One Comment

  1. Alex Hainsworth
    Wednesday, December 7th 2016 @ 17:16

    For the problem inside the present is there 2 abacus worth £6 each and 2 diarys worth £3 each.There’s also a calculator worth £14 and a ball worth £7. Your non-fiction story’s were great too!