Parent Questionnaire Feedback4 minute read

On behalf of the Staff and Governing Body, I would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete our parent questionnaire at the end of last term. 97 forms were completed and returned to the school in total, and the results have now been collated. We were delighted with how many of you took the time to complete and return these questionnaires, as your feedback and comments are always welcomed and really do help us to evaluate what we do in order to keep our school moving forward.

The school’s leadership team have looked at all the data, including your comments and were pleased that your responses were so positive. We take your suggestions seriously and are already acting on the feedback you’ve given.  School Leaders have provided individual feedback to class teachers and below you will find some ways the school will be addressing any common themes.

The vast majority of respondents thought that their children were happy (99%), felt safe (98%), and were well looked after (97%).  They also felt that school was well-led and managed (98%).  While most parents thought that the school ensures that pupils were well behaved (95%), a small number of parents mentioned that they had heard of minor disruption in classes. We are currently working to further improve behaviour for learning in school to make sure that these disruptions are kept to a minimum.

Almost all parents (95%) thought that their children made good progress at the school and that their children were well taught. A small number of parents expressed concern or were unsure if the homework given to children was appropriate to their age, while other parents felt that children received too much or too little homework.  As a result we are reviewing practice across the school. Some parents also mentioned that they would like reading books to be changed more regularly. As reading is such an important life skill, we have taken these concerns seriously and as of September, home reading will be revolutionised in school – watch this space!

The majority of parents felt that school responds well to concerns that are raised (97%). Although most parents felt that bullying was dealt with effectively, a number of parents highlighted the fact that they were unsure of our practices. Therefore, we have updated our anti-bullying policy which can be accessed via our website (link).

All respondents unanimously agreed that the school was an effective church school. This was wonderful to hear as we take pride in our strong Christian ethos. This was supported by the number of you who expressed how happy your children are at school and how much they enjoy coming.

Many parents (96%) thought our school promoted a healthy lifestyle. We are delighted by this as we aim to encourage children to be healthy in many different ways: a variety of after school clubs, our breakfast club, attendance at out of school sports events, our fruit stall, snack time in Early Years and Key Stage 1, bikeability and our new bike racks at school.  Our school dinner menu is planned to be balanced across the week too.  Emotional support from specialised staff including our Learning Mentor is complimented by our Restorative Practice approach.  We aim to continue to develop opportunities for our children to be healthy.

The vast majority of parents said they were happy with the information they receive about their child’s progress. This has been something we have been working to improve over the past year so your feedback is really useful. Other parents said how much they have enjoyed attending our ‘Happy Hours’ and seeing learning in action and that they enjoy keeping abreast of school events through ‘St Mary’s Star’, our fortnightly newsletter. Parents also took the time to tell us that they find using parent pay far more efficient and convenient, which is great to hear.

The school is always happy to receive comments and suggestions from parents / carers throughout the year. Whilst the school may not always be able to fulfil your request, all comments will be listened to and considered.

Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the survey: your responses will help us to continue what we do well whilst developing as a school.

Yours sincerely, Miss J. Barker and Miss A. Joyce

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