Year 4 Computing: Scratch – Egyptian Mazes1 minute read

This half term, Year4 have been working with Scratch – a tool to allow children to create their own programmes.

Over the last few weeks, we have been making Egyptian mazes. The keyboard arrow keys are used to move the sprites in most of the games.

Oliver T’s Mummy:

Kai’s Maze:

Lauren’s Mummy Maze:

Evie’s Egyptian Maze:

Isabelle’s Egyptian Mummy:

Eva B’s Egypt Maze:

Ruby’s Maze:

Caitlin W’s Sphinx  Maze:

Jake’s Egypt Project:

Ella’s Egyptionella:

Maddy’s Egyptian Maze:

Millie’s Egyptian Maze:

Zack’s Awesome Maze:

Oliver G’s Egypt Sphinx:

George’s M.A.Z.E:

Rebecca’s Egypt Maze:

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