Code Club: Week 3 – GhostBuster Games

This week in Code Club, we have been making games. Each game works slightly differently, but points are scored for clicking the items in the games.

Some of the games have their own noises in too!

Freya’s Ghost Busters game: For the bat you get five points and for the ghosts you get one point. The fate of the World is in your hands. Good luck!!!!!

Amy’s Ghost Finder game: click the horse and try to get as many points as possible.

Caitlin’s Ghost Buster game: click the ghost to earn a point before your time runs out.

Steven’s Ghostbusters game: Press the ghost to gain 1 point and press the bat for 2 points.

Jay’s Bob game: hit the ghosts to get points.

Lucy’s GhostBusterz! game: click on the ghost.

Jack’s Ghostbustaz game: click the ghosts to get points.

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