2015 Advent Calendar: Day 201 minute read

Key Stage 1 Puzzle Of The Day

Santa’s elves are said to make all the presents that Santa delivers.

Santa Claus gives his elves some new clothes: red, green or yellow jackets and trousers.

Day 20 ks1

The elves have fun by mixing up the jackets and trousers.

How many different ways can they wear the jackets and trousers?

Key Stage 2 Puzzle Of The Day

Santa is looking for the presents in the grotto. Draw the path him starting at 6 and counting in 6s up to 600.

Click to enlarge.

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Christmas Fact Of The Day

Unusual Christmas Traditions: Number 8. In China, Santa Claus us also known as “Christmas Old Man”. As many people are not Christian in China, their main winter festival is Chinese new year which takes place at the end of January.

Christmas Song Of The Day

Christmas Joke Of The Day

What’s Mrs Santa Claus’ real name?

Mary Christmas!

The Christmas Story: Day 20

In a dream, God warned the three strangers not to go back to King Herod. So they went home by another road.

After they had gone, an angel came to Joseph in a dream.

“Get up quickly,” he said. “You must take Mary and the baby to Egypt. Go at once. It is not safe for you here. King Herod will be looking for Jesus. He want to kill him. Stay in Egypt until I tell you it is safe to leave.”

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