Key Stage 2 Carol Concerts1 minute read

Millie-Mae Pickles, Year 4:

At the key stage two Christmas Carol concert it was very cool because all the parents seemed to love it. Miss Joyce and Mrs Wilson worked really hard to put everything together especially for the choreography. At the day performance there were a few places left, however at the night some people were standing up at the sides and all of the seats were taken. Just like some of the speakers said at the concert, the entertainment has to get higher and higher each time we do a sequel. A few things that Miss Barker said stood out were the 3 girls who dance to Somewhere Only We Know. They were especially brilliant and brave to dance in front of every single parent so, not only was their dance hard, but they also had to be very courageous. Key Stage Two children were very proud to be in the performance. Thank you to everyone who came to watch.

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