2015 Advent Calendar: Day 13

Key Stage 1 Puzzle Of The Day

You have £5. What could you buy and which coins will you use to pay? What change will you get?

Day 13 Shop

Key Stage 2 Puzzle Of The Day

If the wise men’s camels could travel at 6 km per hour and they travelled for 9 hours a day, how far did they travel?

Christmas Fact Of The Day

The word mistletoe means “dung twig”. The name for mistletoe comes from the fact that mistletoe tends to spring from bird droppings that have fallen on trees.

Christmas Song Of The Day

Christmas Joke Of The Day

Who hides in a bakery at Christmas?

A mince spy!

The Christmas Story: Day 13

The shepherds told Mary and Joseph all that had happened. Then they went back to the sheep, telling everyone they met on the way about the baby and the angel’s message. They sang as they walked along, thanking God for all they had seen. It was a night they would never forget.

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