2015 Advent Calendar: Day 111 minute read

Key Stage 1 Puzzle Of The Day

Name 5 things that start with b.

Key Stage 2 Puzzle Of The Day

The weather around the world will change a lot on Christmas Eve, so Santa better make sure he packs his snow boots and summer shorts!

What is the difference in temperatures between:

  • China and the UK?
  • Russia and Australia?
  • USA and Brazil?

Christmas Fact Of The Day

Unusual Christmas Traditions: Number 5. In El Salvador people open their presents at 12:00am, just after midnight mass.

Christmas Song Of The Day

Christmas Joke Of The Day

What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck?

A Christmas Quacker!

The Christmas Story: Day 11

Then the shepherds saw a great crowd of angels, all singing praises to God.

“Glory to God in heaven,” they sang, “and peace to all who love Him on earth.”

When the angels had gone and the sky was dark again, the shepherds began to talk among themselves.

“We must go to Bethlehem,” they said, “and see what has happened.”

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