2015 Advent Calendar: Day 91 minute read

Key Stage 1 Puzzle Of The Day

Advent candles are sometimes used to count down to Christmas. If the candle below burns for 10 minutes a day, how long will it burn for in a week?

day 9 candle

Key Stage 2 Puzzle Of The Day

The labels have come off the parcels! Can you work out which parcel is which?

  • Marie’s is smaller than Jade’s.
  • Anna’s is bigger than Emma’s but smaller than Marie’s.
  • Jade’s is the biggest.

Day 9 presents

Christmas Fact Of The Day

Unusual Christmas Traditions: Number 4. In Japan, Kentucky Fried Chicken is the traditional Christmas dinner. It’s so popular that many people have to order their KFC Christmas food 2 months in advance!

Christmas Song Of The Day

Christmas Joke Of The Day

What does Santa suffer from if he gets stuck in a chimney?


The Christmas Story: Day 9

That night Mary’s baby son was born. She wrapped him up warmly in the clothes she had made, and put him in a manger to sleep.

On the hills around the town, shepherds kept watch, looking after their flocks. The night was dark and everything was quiet – just a little bleat now and then from one of the sheep.

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