2015 Advent Calendar: Day 41 minute read

Key Stage 1 Puzzle Of The Day

Match the halves to make the Christmas words:

rob man
tr key
snow ar
pudd ee
tur in
st ing

 Key Stage 2 Puzzle Of The Day

Which of the letters in the word Christmas have 2 lines of symmetry?

Day 4 symmetry

Christmas Fact Of The Day

Unusual Christmas Traditions: Number 2. In the Czech Republic on Christmas Eve, unmarried women throw one of their shoes over their shoulder. If the shoe lands with the toe facing the door, the woman will get married before the next Christmas.

Day 4 Shoes

Christmas Song Of The Day

Christmas Joke Of The Day

What do snowmen wear on their heads?

Ice caps!

The Christmas Story: Day 4

Joseph the carpenter was worried. Mary, the girl he loved, was expecting a baby. It wasn’t his baby; and they weren’t married. The gossip had started already. He would have to break off the engagement.

But that night he had a dream. And in the dream God’s messenger-angel spoke to him:

“Don’t break off your engagement to Mary,” the angel said. “She has done nothing wrong. God has chosen her to be the mother of His Son – the promised King. You are to call the baby Jesus, because he is going to save His people from their sins.”

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