Annual Attendance Award1 minute read

Year 2 have won our award for the best attendance this year. The final information for 2013-14 is below.

Attendances for this academic year (since 03/09/2013):

1stYear 297.67%
2ndYear 497.27%
3rdYear 597.02%
4thYear 196.77%
5thYear 396.69%
7thYear 696.09%
Whole School Average96.84%


Year 2 celebrate their win!


Receiving the award.

Mr Pitts currently teaches Computing to the whole school along with some other subjects during teacher's PPA time. He runs this website and makes sure it all works smoothly, most of the time!

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  1. treesfewster
    Saturday, July 19th 2014 @ 09:13

    Very good attendance! Well done for the school!