A Visit From Mrs Walker In Year 22 minute read

The children have been finding out about Florence Nightingale and the health service. On Thursday 19th June, Daniel Walker’s Grandma, Mrs Walker, came in to talk to us about what it was like being a nurse for many years.

She said that she really enjoyed it and that her hospital was a happy place. The nurses had to wear white paper hats and she showed them to us. They were not allowed to wear any jewellery because it may carry germs. Mrs Walker said that everybody had a different belt and buckle.  She also showed us the special badges that she was given to show that she was a qualified nurse.

I really enjoyed listening and liked the pictures that we passed around.

Millie Mae Pickles

Daniel’s Grandma came to talk to us about being a nurse. Mrs Walker told us about some patients that needed a lot of help eating their food and some needed to be fed by a tube. Mrs Walker worked different shifts which were 7am-2.30pm, 2pm-9.00pm and 9pm-7.30am. She said night shifts were really hard work.

Nathaniel Brooks

Mrs Walker told us about her great, great, great auntie who was a cleaner and a nurse in Florence Nightingale’s time

Mrs Walker used to work at Dewsbury District Hospital.  She trained for 2-3 years and loved every minute of it. She said she did get holidays but sometimes had to cover for others and she missed out. Mrs Walker worked many years delivering babies.

George Donald

We would like to thank Mrs Walker for coming in to talk to us about her first hand experiences in nursing she really made the topic come alive for the children.

Thanks again, Miss Callow and Miss Sheard.

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