Shibden Hall Trip: Reception & Year 2

A little while ago, children in Reception and Year 2 visited Shibden Hall. They had a fabulous time, as the photos show!


Before very long, after we got on the coach, we were at Shibden Hall. Surprisingly, the land train was so fast, it broke down twice and nearly crashed into a tree! After that we did some finding of mice at Cinderella’s castle with Mrs Buttons. Next we went with the fairy godmother and finally we went with Cinderella and did some cleaning and played in the nursery.

Zack Chaplin, Year 2

To begin with we packed up and waited for the coach to come. Suddenly we got on the coach and set off the Shibden Park in Halifax. We were very excited on the way there. Finally, we got to our destination and saw some ducklings and ducks. Then we caught the land train. It was the fastest land train I’ve been on!

Millie Mae Pickles, Year 2

In the fairy godmother’s group, she told us how to make butter and toast in the olden days. In Mrs Button’s group, we found materials. Then we went outside and had lunch, then we went on the boats.

Renton Fewster, Year 2

After a while we were on the boats and me and Eva couldn’t get back! After that I played in the playground. I got very hot because I went on the slide 5 times. Surprisingly, we had an ice lolly.Then we got our stuff and got on the coach. Some people fell asleep. When we got to school, I was tired out. I had a great time on my school trip!

Evie Kilner, Year 2

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