Planetarium Visit

This week, children in Year 3 to 6 were visited by a travelling Planetarium – Mobile Stars. The inflatable dome was enjoyed by many, with plenty of oohs and aahs coming from within!

The inflatable dome in our hall.

The inflatable dome in our hall.

As we went through the tunnel, it was dark and we had to go through in single file. It was a massive inflatable tent. First he made it very, very dark. I nearly bumped into Isabell! Then he showed us dot to dot stars. I gazed up at the stars but he showed the constellations and told us what they were.

Eve Szwarc, Year 3

The planetarium is a big dome with a tunnel to enter. The man showed us what total darkness is. Did you know Jupiter has 67 moons? Did you know the oldest star is 13.2 billion years old? Did you know that most of the rings around Saturn are ice?

Oliver Hainsworth, Year 3

We went to a Planetarium. We went in it in single file. It was dark and scary. We saw how dark it was at night. After that we saw lots of planets – we saw what colour the planets are and what they are made of. It was lots of fun.

Ruby Taylor, Year 3

We went to a really big dome called a Planetarium. In the Planetarium we learned all about the stars. Stars are bigger than the Sun because if the Sun is bigger will not give enough light off to light the sky. Stars can make pictures. The planets were amazing. Some planets are made of gases. Saturn has rings made of ice and dust.

Lauren McWilliams, Year 3

The Planetarium came to school. It was enormous in the hall. We crawled inside – it was so dark!

Coby Lockwood, Year 3

It gave me lots of new information about the stars.

Libby Bates, Year 4

It made me feel scared because it was so dark.

Carrie Bedford, Year 4

I liked all the animations and how he told us about how big the stars are and galaxies too.

Thomas Burrow, Year 4

I liked it all!

Bailey Byrne, Year 4

I like how the animations formed on the dome and how he explained the constellation names.

Gilbert Clough, Year 4

I liked the acoustics in the dome.

Mason Dransfield, Year 4

I liked how he said that aliens could be real, but we’ve no chance of meeting one.

Jamie Dyson, Year 4

I liked learning about the star signs.

Chloe Gledhill, Year 4

I liked learning about all the different planets.

Luke Hanson, Year 4

It was best when the stars came on and moved around.

Edith Hodgson, Year 4

I liked the tunnel where we got in.

Grant Holmes, Year 4

I loved looking at all the different galaxies.

Caitlin Holroyd, Year 4

I liked it when he said that the sun was a dwarf star.

Alex Hughes, Year 4

The best part was when the lights were turned off and it was pitch black.

Amy Johnson, Year 4

I liked how real it looked.

Ella Loveday, Year 4

My best bit was getting lost in the tunnel!

Corben Marshall, Year 4

It was interesting that all the constellations had Greek names from the stories.

Jack Penfield, Year 4

I liked learning about all the planets.

Alexandra Stocks, Year 4

It felt like the floor was moving when the stars rotated, and then the man made us jump!

Freya Thornton, Year 4

I liked learning about the star signs and how big the stars were.

Emma Tierney, Year 4

I liked it when the stars moved and I felt like I was moving too.

Jade Walker, Year 4

I liked it best when the stars all moved round.

Katie Warrillow, Year 4

I liked looking at the stars.

Katie Wilde, Year 4

I liked it when the stars moved because it looked like the floor was moving.

Lucy Williams, Year 4

I liked going into the tunnel and then seeing the stars.

Leona Windle-Holmes, Year 4

Inside the Planetarium was really good. I liked the shapes that were made by the stars. My favourites were the dog, the snake and the two children holding hands.

Jessica Wilson, Year 5

I liked it when we looked at the stars on the roof and where the man spilt the water.

Morgan Hudson, Year 5

It was cool looking at the planets and the galaxies.

Sophie Smith, Year 5

He showed us the different types of planets and how they are made, what is most famous about them and how many moons they have got. It was very interesting.

Shelby Wright, Year 5

It was awesome when it went dark and he showed us the constellations on the roof of the Planetarium.

Callum Johnson, Year 5

Being inside the Planetarium was awesome! It was so cool when he turned out the light.

Thomas McWilliams, Year 5

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  1. Emma Burrow (SMASH Chair person)
    Saturday, June 7th 2014 @ 15:18

    What a super idea and one that the children clearly loved.

    • Mr Pitts
      Saturday, June 7th 2014 @ 15:19

      Thank you for your comment, Mrs Burrow.

  2. Mr. Garry Mayes
    Monday, June 9th 2014 @ 00:27

    Thank you all for your brilliant comments. Your school was a pleasure to visit being so welcoming and having such a good relaxed atmosphere. All the children were so well behaved as this was a totally different experience for them. I would like to pass on my thanks to the children again for being so good and giving me a really enjoyable day. I certainly hope that I might visit yourselves again in the future.

School is now closed for our Summer break. We reopen to children on Tuesday, 4th September. Have a lovely Summer!