Gardening And Cooking In Class 22 minute read

Yesterday Miss Callow told us that we were going to make some Marrow and Tomato Soup.  First we had to pick the marrows and onions. We also picked the pumpkins but we didn’t need them for this soup.

Once we had picked all the vegetables we had to dig out all the weeds and leaves. We put all of these in the compost bin.

We all noticed that Kaden was really good at this. He said, “I really liked squashing the big leaves and weeds and putting them in the compost bin. When I saw the worms I wasn’t scared.”

Miss Callow noticed that Nathaniel was really good at gardening. He said, “I grow lots and lots of cabbages and tomatoes in my Dad’s allotment. I felt very happy when Miss Callow said that I was really good at gardening. I did not mind all the worms and spiders.”

Then Miss Callow showed us how to chop our ingredients safely and also showed us how to peel tomatoes without squirting them everywhere.  When we had a go at chopping the marrow and tomatoes we were allowed to use sharp knives as long as the teachers saw we were sensible and safe.

The other ingredients that we also needed for our soup were garlic, stock cubes, Thai curry paste and hot water and cold water for the tomatoes.  With all these ingredients we put them in the pan and blended them when they were cooked. We made two lots of soup one spicy and one not so spicy.

Mrs Scott said, “That soup was delicious! It was so healthy too, made from our garden vegetables. Thank you.”

George said, “I really liked the soup that was not spicy.  The soup was a bit hot to drink but Miss Callow said that if I swirl it around the cup a bit and then blow it will cool down and it did!”

Codi said, “I really liked the spicy soup; I didn’t pick the plain soup because I didn’t think it had any flavour!”

Year 2 with their produce.

Year 2 with their produce!

By Class 2 children (Ella Redman, Bobby Crowther, Isabelle Hall, Renton Fewster, Prisha Gupta, Caitlin Wood)

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  1. Princi Bansal
    Thursday, September 26th 2013 @ 19:16

    Well Done!! Lovely work by year 2. Prisha came home with lots n lots of stories about the cooking session. She said soup was delicious.

    • Mr Pitts
      Friday, September 27th 2013 @ 08:13

      Thank you. I’ll make sure Miss Callow sees this.