Year 5’s Visit To The Bible Times Exhibition1 minute read

“On Wednesday we went down to St. Andrew’s Church in Liversedge and we learned about the Bible. I enjoyed learning about William Tyndale, Elizabeth Fry and Mary Jones. William Tyndale printed the Bible in English and sneaked them into England. They were collected and burned. Elizabeth Fry is on the back of a £5 note and Mary Jones walked 25 miles just to get a Bible!” Abigail McWilliams.

“I enjoyed learning about William Tyndale. It was so FUN!!!” Jack Bownes.

“I liked meeting John Froud. I also liked looking at different things like Bibles and scrolls and all the other things. I loved getting some exercise walking up and down the hill! It was great fun learning about William Tyndale, Elizabeth Fry and Mary Jones – it was all great fun!” Rachel Bairstow.

“The 24th April we went on a trip to a church and we met John Froud. He told us a story about somebody called Mary Jones. She was eight years old and wanted a Welsh Bible. She saved up her money for six or seven years and then went to the closest book shop, which was 25 miles away. They didn’t have any, so she was sad. He gave her a Welsh Bible that he had already sold to someone else though” Codey Hudson.

“I loved reading the Bible with India and dressing up like a Roman soldier. But I also liked talking about Henry the Eighth with John.” Holly Laws

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