Anti-Bullying: Guidance To Parents2 minute read

We at Gomersal St. Mary’s believe that all bullying behaviour is unacceptable, whether at home, school, or work.

We have a rigorous anti-bullying policy in place to say what the school does to prevent or respond to incidents of bullying. It is your right as a parent or carer to ask the school for a copy of this policy. The best place to ask is the school office, or look on the school website.

What is bullying?

Bullying is behaviour that intentionally hurts another person either physically or emotionally. It is usually repeated over time. While isolated incidents of a child/ children hurting another is wrong and unacceptable, it does not necessary constitute bullying, though obviously it will result in some restorative practice to resolve the situation.

Bullying can be:

  • physical (e.g. hitting, pushing, taking belongings, unwanted physical contact)
  •  erbal (name calling or sarcasm, including comments related to race, disability, sexual orientation, gender, etc.)
  • indirect (e.g. spreading rumours, ignoring or isolating someone)
  •  cyber bullying (e.g. by text, emails or social networking sites)

What to do if you think your child is being bullied:

  • Talk calmly and reassure your child that you and the school can help.
  • Make a note of what your child says has happened, who was involved and how often incidents have occurred.
  • Talk to your child’s teacher as soon as possible.
  • Be ready to hear other sides of the story and listen to the school’s solution.
  •  Allow school staff time to investigate and deal with the situation. Arrange a time to talk again.
  •  If you are unhappy with the teacher’s response or if the bullying continues, contact a more senior member of staff.
  • As a final resort, you can make a complaint in line with the school’s complaints procedure.
  • It is unhelpful to tell your child to do anything that might escalate the situation or to tackle other parents or children yourself.

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