Snow Day Activities

So you’re at home and the weather outside is cold and snowy.  Why not try one of these activities and take it in to your teacher when you return to school?  It may even be put on our school website!

Write an acrostic poem about the snow.  You could use the following words down the side of your page:

  • You could write a poem about your senses in the snow – what does it look like, how does it feel, what does it sound like when playing in it…?
  • Make a wordsearch with winter words and print it out to complete.  Click here for a free online creator.
  • Write a story about a snow person that comes to life.
  • Write a SNOW / WINTER alphabet. e.g.  a = avalanche, b = blizzard


  • Measure the snow using a ruler in one place each hour and keep a note of how much it increases or decreases throughout the days.  You could even draw a graph to chart the changes!
  • Make a timetable of how you spend your snowy day.  Write some times throughout the day and write/draw what you are doing at each time.


  • Make a snowball, take it inside and time how long it takes to melt.  Do bigger snowballs take longer?  What about in different places, like the kitchen or your bedroom?  Make sure you leave it on a plate or in a plastic box!
  • Become a “ snow-tective “ and see what animal tracks you can find in your garden or when you are out and about. Try to identify them.
  • Ice Bowls – fill a bowl with water and add leaves, slices of fruit, sparkly sequins and buttons. Place in the freezer or outside if it is cold enough and wait for your Ice Bowl to form. Tip it out when frozen and take a photograph of it.
  • Paper Snowflakes – fold paper several times and then cut pieces out.  Open up to see the snowflake.  Decorate with glitter or colours.
  • Coloured marbles – fill balloons with water and food colouring. When frozen, peel off the balloon to reveal beautiful coloured marbles.
  • Here’s a fantastic guide to making a 3D snowflake.
  • Instead of building a snowman, can you make something else out of snow?  How about a snow dragon or a snow elephant?  Take a photo and bring it back to school.
  • Use an online paint program to create a snowy picture.  Click here.
  • Drag items on the screen to make a family of snowmen!  Click here.
  • Make a snow flake with this website.
  • What can you build with 100 snowballs?  Click here to try.
Don’t forget to do some reading too!

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