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Dear Parents and Carers,

This evening your child has been sent home with a reading book to read and enjoy at home. The book has been chosen by the child’s class teacher and is appropriate for their current reading level.

We expect that as part of their homework children will read some of their book outside school at least three times per week. For younger children, or those who find reading challenging, a few pages at a time may be all they can manage without becoming bored, which is fine. However, confident readers may choose to read more. The most important thing is that they get into the habit of reading outside of school at whatever level is manageable for them.

We are also providing a reading record which will be used to track your child’s progress. We hope that this will make communication between home and school easier and better. When the child receives a new book the teacher will fill in the name of the book and the date it was issued. We would really appreciate it if you would fill in the comments box whenever you (or anyone else) listen to your child read. This will help us to monitor their progress and their reading habits and will allow you to tell us what your child is doing well and what they are struggling on.

Obviously older or more confident readers may have reached the stage where they no longer wish to read to an adult and want to read silently to themselves. This is fine, and at this stage we expect that the children themselves will complete their reading records, perhaps by simply recording a comment such as ‘read to page 9’. However, we would ask that if they do so, you initial the comment so that we can check that their comments are an accurate reflection of their progress and reading habits.

Children may also bring home a library book which they have chosen themselves, and will therefore not necessarily be matched to their current reading level but will play an important part in helping them to develop a love of books. As the reading of this book is voluntary, no records need to be kept, unless of course, they want to!

We really do value the partnership between parents and school and hope that you’ll see this as another way that you can help us to help your child.

If you have any questions about helping your child with their reading or anything else contained in this letter, please talk to your child’s class teacher and they will do their very best to accommodate you.

Many Thanks,

Miss Joyce, Deputy Head.

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