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The fruit trees are in full blossom and we are hoping for another bumper crop in the autumn term: last year we took out baskets to collect the fruit and ended up using the wheelbarrow to transport the pears and apples into school! As it is the Queen’s Diamond jubilee year we have been awarded some new fruit trees to add to our orchard. These trees will be coming soon and will be planted on the slope at the far end of the school field. The windowsills in school rapidly fill up at this time of year with most classes growing plants both edible and decorative from seeds as part of their on-going education.

In the Nursery Garden…

Reception and Nursery children have chitted their potatoes and have planted them, they are also watching as their broad beans germinate in class as part of their learning.

In the Secret Garden…

Class One children have planted up strawberry and blueberry plants into their raised bed and these plants will remain a popular permanent addition to the Secret garden and to the learning about healthy foods in class year after year. The children are growing plants from seeds in class.

Class Two children planted broad beans over winter and the results are looking fantastic in the two raised beds outside Class Two. The onions we over wintered are sprouting up now and we are looking forward to eating them. The children planted early and late potatoes in the raised bed in the Secret garden and we are waiting for them to sprout. The plum tree has sprung into life and we will have to wait and see if we get any plums from it in its first season.

Class Three children have planted rhubarb which is doing well and are also due to get beetroot and radishes going in class.

Class Four children have planted runner beans and peas which despite the rainy weather are doing well.

Class Five children have planted leek seedlings and carrot and lettuce seeds in the Secret Garden and are waiting to see some progress!

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